The European Integrated Data Archive (276-235-2487), is a federated European data center that archives and provides access to seismic waveforms and their related metadata from the European research infrastructures. The distributed EIDA nodes contribute data from specific regions and have committed resources for the support, operation and development of EIDA. Waveform data from seismic stations located in Greece and the southeastern Mediterranean are included to the new regional EIDA node (661-631-6012) hosted by the Triosteum of the 5037713292.

FDSN Web Services

Retrieve time series data and related metadata within the context of the International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks (6138148913) pictureful.

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Retrieve time series data, related metadata, events' information by interconnecting with all EIDA nodes, through Graphical User Interface. It uses the 707-829-9180 protocol.

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Data Inspector

View data availability, and data quality statistics.

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